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How To Remove Windows Error Code

Windows error code occurs in your system when user updates windows. It is also disturbing you when you doing some work and a blue screen of death is shown. The code is a common error of the windows operating system. It is mainly create some registry files in your system and harm your hard disk and ram. It has many symptoms to indicates that error code attack on your system and simply resolve this error.

Symptoms of Windows Error Code
  • Programs can't be loaded normally
  • Windows blue screen error is shown
  • System getting shut down automatically
  • You will run some programs or software then unable to run
  • Your PC gets slow performance

Causes of Windows Error Code
  • Failed to communicate with BIOS
  • The windows driver error is the main cause of this error code
  • Unable to complete the windows installer program
  • Miss configuration of system
  • Some program automatically install in the system without the user knowledge

Solution of Windows Error Code

Hack the registry - Click to start the computer. Go to the start menu button and click to open. In search box type regedit.exe and press enter button. Then click on navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Polocies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Update \ AU click on WU server to open and change the value from 1 to 0. Now click on next button and finally click on finish button.

Delete cache files - Click to start your computer. Go to start menu button and click to open it. In start search box type cache and hit enter button then open a .cache files program click to open this all files. After open this all data. Press control + A select all data and press delete button. Properly delete all cache data. After this process close the all tabs. Reboot your computer.

Uninstall a program - Click to start the computer. Go to the windows start button to open. Search the control panel button and click to open the uninstall a program into the control panel. After open uninstall a programs then search which program create the issue and click to open. After open it a uninstall button is appear click on it now. Then a conformation message is shown to click yes and finally uninstall the software. Close the tab. Restart the computer.

Use a bootable DVD - Click to start your computer. Open DVD driver. Insert the windows bootable DVD in your DVD drives close. Click to restart the computer normally and continuously press F12 button on your keyword. Click to next and select the formatting drive which is mainly disturbing you. Click to continue button. Start formatting then accept ok in appear dialogue box and follow the command flash on your computer. Click to next button set the times zones. After complete this process restart your pc.

User Guide

Step 1.

Install the software RegCure Pro in your computer and run the software.

Step 2.

After installation click on System Scan Tab. It will scan your complete system.

Step 3.

After Scan completed click on Fix all button and this windows is appear where you find your all windows error is fixed.


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