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User Guide

Step 1.

Install the software RegCure Pro in your computer and run the software.

Step 2.

After installation click on System Scan Tab. It will scan your complete system.

Step 3.

After Scan completed click on Fix all button and this windows is appear where you find your all windows error is fixed.


Team Menber

John Doe


Thank you guys for giving such a wonderful tool to fix windows error . Itís really amazing experience to use this software. It really very helps to me to solve windows error .

Team Menber

Mark lores

Web Developer

Thank you RegCure Pro to fix my windows error . Before using this tool I really very afraid because of this error but my friend suggests to use this tool and itís really worked for me. Thanks!!

Team Menber

Thomas Lere

UX Designer

It fixed my slow PC performance and removes the entire virus from my computer in just three clicks. Thanks for this useful tool.

Team Menber

Grintel Mark

Web Designer

Great Tool!! With the help of this i am able to fix my windows error very easily. Its very powerful tool to remove all the errors and scan my whole system to make virus free.